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Dear Sales Colleagues:    

For forty-five years I have used and taught The Selling Path.  To my knowledge, it was largely perfected by a man who I admire and who literally shared this helpful sales concept with thousands of sales people.  The Selling Path makes sense.  It definitely works.  

In my career, I have used The Selling Path in both the wholesale and the retail arena.  It fully applies to either commercial or consumer situations.  Whatever has to be sold incorporates each step of The Selling Path to some extent.  From a candy bar to a jetliner these sales principles are indispensable.  Applied with concern for the customer, sincerity, ethics, integrity, persistence, enthusiasm, and desire, The Selling Path will help you achieve the sales goals you are seeking.     


I hope that I can assist you on the pathway to those goals.  I fully believe that if a salesperson knows how to travel The Selling Path, is aware of where he or she is along the journey, and understands how to maneuver the detours, that salesperson will most definitely be a success at his or her craft.  It is then that, as a salesperson, you too will personally grow in the profession.  The profession, as well, will grow with honor and dignity because of your professionalism. 

Best wishes,  

Mike Bonamy        

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